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We are so excited to be introducing a Competitive Dance team TO SJDC 

We are wanting to create a Junior Team (Ages 7-10), Intermediate Team(Ages 10-12) and a Senior Team (Ages 12+)


Auditions have already been held for 2022 however please let us know if you are interested and we can organize another time to audition. 


-Dancers must be enrolled at the studio in at least one dance class with SJDC (we advise in at least one jazz or contemporary class as your group dances will be in these styles, unless only doing a tap solo/duet). 

-Dancers who are part of the group teams must be able to attend the allocated practice times weekly (Junior - Mondays 6pm-7pm  & Inter/Senior Mondays 7pm-8pm) **unless you are a soloist/duet dancer, your instructor will contact you separately to set up a time to learn your choreography

-Dancers must be able to attend our “Comp Bootcamp Week” at the studio February 1-5/2022 (Juniors 430pm-530pm, Intermediate 530ppm-630pm, Seniors 630pm-730pm) **if you are a soloist/duet this bootcamp is not mandatory but you may be requested during this week to start your choreography



Dancers will learn group dances in Contemporary and Jazz, with opportunity for groups in Tap and Hip Hop. Dancers will also be allowed to do solos/duets/trios in certain styles. Dancers must know this is a commitment to this for the full season and attendances to practices will be crucial.


As your dancer excels in their technique, dance competitions are a good way to challenge yourself, gain stage experience and confidence in performing. It is also a good way to see where you are at in your training in comparison to studios around the country. Dancers compete against other dance studios & dancers in various styles.

We, as a studio, will travel around competing solos, duets, trios & groups that are learned and practiced outside of class and performed on stages competing against other dancers in New Zealand.

We typically travel to Napier, Auckland, Upper Hutt, Wanganui, Palmerston, Taupo & Tauranga. We roughly do 3-4 competitions throughout the year. 

- Attendance: Attendance is mandatory for Competitive Team members and we expect that members are always on time and never more than 2 lessons. Dancers must know this is a commitment to this for the full season and attendances to practices will be crucial. Competitive dance team members often miss school dances, field trips, and other social events because their dance team comes first. 

·         Attitude: We are looking for dancers with consistent focus and positive attitudes. We recruit dancers that are engaged in the learning process, who are always listening and responding to teacher feedback by showing us constant improvement. We also look for dancers who can set an example of positive behaviour in the studio.

·         Initiative: We choose dancers who work hard to reach their goals and are supportive of their teammates in their effort. Festival Team dancers go above and beyond what their teacher asks.

·         Technique: We want dancers who take their corrections and feedback seriously because we want to see you improve and keep up to your teammates. The best dancers are versatile and precise.



There will be a “bootcamp” week February 1-5/2022.from 430pm-730pm (time slots given when teams are selected), the week before classes start at the studio to learn your group dance choreography.  


There will be 1 practice a week for an hour that will be apart of our timetable this year. This will be Mondays 6pm-7pm (Junior Troupe) & 7pm-8pm (Senior Troupe).


Dancers should enroll in the styles that they are wanting to compete in in our regular timetable as well. 


SOLOS/DUETS: If you are wanting to do a solo/duet, please tell your instructor. These practices will be organized separately with the instructor choreographing the solo. You will get a max up 4 lessons to learn your choreography. Once you learn a solo, duet/trio, you are expected to practice it on your own time as well as studio time as we may not always have the space/time to fully clean it. But we will be happy to run it within your classes or just before.


GROUP DANCES: Dancers will need to be committed to the groups and if they are unable to attend more than 2 practices we kindly suggest they do a solo instead. 



Solo - $30 per hour of choreography (up to 4 lessons)

Duet/Trio - $15 per dancer per hour of choreography (up to 4 lessons)

Groups: $150 for the full year (covers choreography, rehearsals, and all group dances)

Costumes - roughly $20-40 per dance

Competition Entry Fee - can vary from $5-$15 per dance

**all fees will be paid separately to your regular classes apart from the group fee, which will be attached with your regular class invoice 



If you are interested just email with what styles you plan to enrol and that you are interested in auditioning 



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Let us know if you would like to join the SJDC Performance Troupes. 

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